Some recommendations of useful tools that will help you with the art of Black Hat PPC.

1. The Cloak

Cloak your ip address so you’ll be able to get around geo-targeting or Ip exclusions of PPC ad’s so you can see what is really going on.

The cloak only allows you to cloak your ip address for 15 minutes per day unless you upgrade to the paid service. If you want to share our pin code for you usage then get in touch with and we’ll email it over to you (aren’t we nice!)

2. Hide My Ass

Similar to the cloak in that it allows you to cloak your IP address so you can surf the internet without anyone knowing who you are…

3. Website Speed Test

Plenty of sites out there to analyse your website speed, but we really like this one from It gives you a detailed analysis of your website and provides recommendations on ways to improve your site…and with Google Caffeine on the way, web page load time is becoming a factor to consider for SEO.

4. Mobile Ready Site Tools

If you want to check if your site is ready for Mobile browsers then this tool is great. It also gives you recommendations on what to do in order to get your site mobile ready.

5. Negative Keyword List

If you wish to get a copy of the Black Hat PPC Negative Keyword List, simply click on the link below to get your FREE copy…


6. SEO Checker Tool

A nice little tool for checking the SEO performance of your site.

7. UK localised keywords PPC tool

Useful tool for granularising PPC keywords by location in the UK.

8. Google Quality Score Calculator

Handy little tool developed by Wordstream to calculate the Quality Score in your Google account.

Google Quality Score Calculator

9. Translation Tool

If you want something a bit better than Google Translate or BabbleFish to translate your PPC ad’s then this site offers human translations at good value.

10. My Proxy

Useful site for masking your IP address. They have a free Web Proxy service as well as a paid for software that you can download for users who are looking for more advanced IP masking services.
Free Web Proxy:
Paid for IP cloaker: