Googler’s have a new buzz word at the moment! Gone are the days where Google reps couldn’t say 3 words without mentioning either ‘You Tube’ or ‘Mobile’…no thats so 2012…now its all about ‘The Google Stack.’

Now the first question you may ask is…what the hell is The Google Stack?

Well let us explain…

This is Google’s new buzz word and it refers to Google’s suite of products that it can provide to advertisers such as:

  • Google AdWords and Enhanced Campaigns
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Google’s DS3 bid technology tool
  • Google Tag Manger
  • Google Wallet

to name but a few…but you get the idea.

So why are they going on about The Google Stack?

This is what Google are pitching to advertisers at the moment, with the idea that if advertisers use all of Google products then they will get added benefits from having an integrated solution. A simple idea we’ll admit, except for a few minor points…

  1. Google don’t see it from the advertisers point of view. Advertisers are very cautious of Google and the amount of data it has on their companies which is why many companies wont want to use tools like Google Analytics and DoubleClick because they don’t want Google knowing their companies online revenue.
  2. Google’s tools are inferior to other competiting tools in the market. Google’s DS3 tool is still in its infancy, its bid technology algorithms are still inferior to the other main bid technology providers on the market. And Google Tag Manger doesn’t have any customer support for it at the moment…which is just crazy for a container tag solution and there are much better and more established tag management solutions in the market. (One example of this being Marin…which isn’t compatible with Google’ Remarketing Tags…funny that!)
Why are we writing about The Google Stack?

Because already it is annoying us! Google are going to go on pushing ‘The Google Stack’ to advertisers because it is in Google’s interest to have advertisers using their products. Google get to collect more data that way and have the aim to put the competitor products out of market…why? Because if Google can get advertisers signed up to using their products…aka, the Google Stack…then Google will be able to get rid of digital agencies and work directly with advertisers (which is there 5 year plan.)

So we are starting a new campaign…


The Google Stack

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