The EU Cookie Directive

How we use your cookies.

Not the ones you have with milk or tea. Those funny little things that live inside your computer and a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…some internet geek thought it would be funny to name them ‘cookies’.

So what do we track when you come to the site?

The site uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies to track details of your visit, including you geographic region (not where actually live though!) how you arrived at the site, how long you bothered hanging around on it for, what pages you accidentally clicked on whilst trying to navigate away, and any random garbage you typed into the search bar on the site.

What dont we track?

We dont carry any third party advertising from Google (aka, AdSense) which then ‘allegedly’ uses your cookie to enhance the accuracy of their adverts so they can see your gender, age and a whole bunch of other stuff which they then use to ensure that ads follow you around the internet like a bad smell.

Oh, and one other thing…

We do have a couple of Amazon affiliate links (in the Book Reviews section) which also track your cookie to see what ads you clicked on, whether you went on to buy anything, and then how much money you spent. That way they know how much to pay us for sending them a sale.

Big up the EU Cookie Directive!!!

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EU Cookie Directive