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You Tube – Content & Search Partners

We had clarification from Google today on a topic that has always caused much discussion amongst the Blackhatters…

How best to use run Content campaigns on You Tube.

Google clarified for us that the Search results pages within You Tube is part of the search partners network whereas the actual video pages are part of the […]

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Masking Affiliate Links

One of the greatest tools that affiliate’s have is the ability to mask their affiliate links. This gives more credibility to users to click on the link (as they don’t see lots of affiliate tracking codes in the links) whilst still giving the affiliate the cookie.

There are many ways to mask affiliate links, but […]

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You Cant Watch You Tube Video’s When Cloaking Your IP Address

We were recently on You Tube looking at trying to see if video’s were suggested differently depending on your Geo-Location, however, upon cloaking our IP address we found that You Tube wont let you view videos. You get an error message as you can see above.
We can only speculate as to the reason why […]

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