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PPC Bloopers and Sitelinks from the Good Old Days…

Posted: 11th October 2012 by blackhat in PPC Bloopers

Its been a little while, but we thought we’d share some PPC Bloopers with you that we have been sent in and come across recently.
PPC Blooper – Rubbish
Whilst not an actual PPC ad, we did find a good Blooper on Google Maps the other day. We were looking at Trent Park (dont ask why!) and [...]

Masters of Malt PPC Blooper

Posted: 23rd July 2012 by blackhat in PPC Bloopers

We were sent in this PPC Blooper yesterday from Masters of Malt, an online alcohol site based in the UK the other day. The blooper comes from a mispell of the term ‘Birthday’ within their ad copy for the keyword ‘wholesale rum.’ Have a look…

What the hell is a ‘Brithday?’
We like to think that its [...]

The BlackHatters were amazed when we were forwarded on the details of a website offering PPC and SEO services.
The website in question is¬† as we were amazed at their PPC offer, which you can see on the following link if you scroll down to the bottom…
Now for those of you who are too lazy to [...]

Facebook PPC Bloopers

Posted: 1st June 2012 by blackhat in PPC Bloopers

Nothing better on a Friday than a PPC Blooper (errr…maybe not!) But regardless, we’ve been sent in some great Facebook PPC Bloopers which are great examples of keyword insertion gone wrong…

You would have thought that a company like Facebook, who are in the business of selling text ads, would have known how dynamic keyword insertion [...]

The BlackHatters were amused the other day when we saw our good friends over at Google double serving phone numbers within their own PPC ad…does that count as Black Hat PPC?¬†
Have a look…

What is going on here? There is a phone number using call extensions beginning with ’0141′ and then they write another phone number [...]