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Writing Mobile Ad Copy? Don’t forget the…

There was a new Google AdWords beta that was released last week, where they have changed the layout of the ‘Call’ button on mobile PPC ads. Previously, users would click on the actual phone number in order to dial through to the advertiser, but Google have now introduced a ‘call’ button to make it […]

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How many phone numbers can you fit in your ad copy?

The BlackHatters were sent in this ad copy the other day for the term ‘bad credit mortgage’ and thought it was amazing!

We know who we are gonna call if we ever need a mortgage…Steven Neale! This guy has managed to fit both his landline number and mobile number into his ad copy. That is […]

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Tracking Mobile Through Google Analytics

We saw this recently and thought it was worth mentioning. Google Analytics has recently been updated to allow you to track calls through a website.

This is a very easy way for a site without an an online checkout to make money through a call centre…or even just for those enterpreneurs who have started a […]

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Making your site ready for Mobile

Have a website? Want to get mobile traffic to it as well? But you dont know how to go about doing it?

Well here is a handy tool that can be used to check your websites ‘mobile readiness’ and then gives you recommendations on how to make your site ready to be displayed on mobile […]

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