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Double Serving Ads through Google Display Network

It has long being Google’s rules that you cannot double serve ad’s in Google Search or Google Display Networks where you have the same domain appearing more than once for the same search result. However, The BlackHatters have seen something recently that contradicts this Google rule and makes us wonder if there is a […]

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Translating your landing pages? Dont bother, let Google do it for you.

Do you spend time trying to translate your landing pages or websites into other languages in order to try and gett foreign visitors to buy your goods and servfices? it’s a major ballache which is time consuming and coslty…and the result is usually that it makes very little difference to the amount of visitors […]

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Landing Page Content Freshness – nothing to do with Quality Score

We just wanted to clear up a matter that has been discussed recently…

Whether updating the content on PPC landing pages has an effect on QS?

The answer is no according to our friends at Google. Landing Page QS is set at domain level not at the actual landing page level. So as long as your […]

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