Google Smart Pain

Google AdWords Quality Score Myth Revealed

The rantings of some crazy men…

Following on from a recent forum question we read on Webmaster World Google AdWords Forum the question rose regarding ‘Keyword Quality Score Upgraded?’ – where advertisers Quality Score (QS) jumps from 6/10 & 7/10 to 10/10 overnight, with no real reason as to why Quality Score has jumped without any […]

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Google Smart Pain – Part 2: Google Changing its Algorithm Between Countries

We reported last month on Google Smart Pain and how Google has the ability to change its algorithm to amend CPC prices for different types of advertising – Google ‘Smart Pain’ – How Google changes it’s algorithm. To recap the Google Smart Pain example… 

Google Search – 10/10 example CPC £1.00
Google Content Network – 7/10 […]

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Google ‘Smart Pain’ – How Google changes it’s algorithm

Google ‘Smart Pain’ is one of the closely guarded secrets that Google keeps in regards to how it’s algorithm works in regards to PPC. Google’s Smart Pain is an element of the algorithm that Google can control that sets a multiplier for CPC’s when looking at different networks or devices that PPC ad’s are […]

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Google AdWords Back End Interface

 Ever wondered what Google looks at when they are looking at Google AdWords accounts?
We have!
We recently received an email from Google showing us a screenshot of the drop down menu in AdWords where you can find the Audiences and Ad Extensions…but more interestingly the screenshot showed us what Google employees look at when they […]

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