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3 Line Sitelinks in PPC Ad’s in Google

The BlackHatters were interested to learn of the latest update from Google (yes, another one!) in regards to Sitelinks on PPC ad’s. 

Google are currently testing 3 line sitelinks in the USA as part of an experiment that they may roll out in the future.  

Another new ad format from Google! And yet another way of pushing the […]

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How to get rid of your Competitors PPC Sitelinks

We’ve been talking to our friends at Google about the restrictions around symbols in PPC Sitelinks. At the moment it is a manual process for Google’s Compliance team to get rid of advertisers who are using symbols in their Sitelinks. However, Google are working on making this an automated process which they expect to […]

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Attention PPC Affiliates: Direct Linking Through Sitelinks

Since Google brought out it’s change in sitelinks policy a few weeks ago, we have seen a few enterprising affiliates taking advantage of these new sitelinks to great effect.

With sitelinks you can amend the destination URL so that rather than go to your affiliate website and hope that you get a good click thru […]

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Harnessing the Power of Sitelinks

Since Google’s recent update of sitelinks in PPC ad’s, the Blackhatters have been busy testing lots of different ways to harness the power of these sitelinks.

Most PPC ad’s are currently trying to fit as many different links into the sitelink as possible, to give the users maximum choice of where to navigate on their […]

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How to Tell Competitors Quality Score from Sitelinks

As we reported in our earlier article Google Sitelinks Update – Crazy Day for PPC ads! Google have rolled out sitelinks on Generic keywords. This change in Google’s policy can now allow those astute PPC analysts out there to work out what competitors Quality Score is on certain keywords.

The Blackhatters have worked out that for […]

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Google Sitelinks – Bidding on Google

It is true you can get Google Sitelinks pretty much anywhere now. Even when you bid on the term ‘google sitelinks’….

Brought to you by Black Hat PPC!

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Google Sitelinks Update – Crazy Day for PPC ads

It’s been a bit of a crazy day for those sitelinks today in Google AdWords. We’ve seen them popping up all over the place which has entertained us.

We like this one for the term ‘cheap flights’ where the ad in P2 has sitelinks and the ad in P1 doesn’t. Poor Cheap Flights paying a […]

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Big Changes in Google PPC Results Today – Google Beta Sitelinks

Google have been busy today! As we reported on earlier, Google have brought in ‘related to’ ad’s on branded keywords (see Google ‘Related to’ Ad’s appearing on Brand terms…we feel another lawsuit against Google coming on!)

However, we have also seen big updates in Google’s Sitelinks today as well. Firstly, they have allowed sitelinks to […]

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Google’s Beta Sitelinks

The mystery surrounding Google’s sitelinks continues into what are the requirements to get sitelinks appearing on your top keywords. We reported in our previous post Using Symbols in Google Sitelinks for PPC Ad’s about using symbols in sitelinks, but we’ve also been seeing new kinds of sitelinks appearing recently, which are appearing all on one […]

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Using Symbols in Google Sitelinks for PPC Ad’s

Ever since the introduction of site links on PPC ad’s in late 2009, search marketeers have been getting more and more inventive with their site links in trying to get users to click on their ad’s. Recently we have seen many PPC ad’s using symbols in their site links to help improve their Click […]

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