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In the past we have been told by Google that in order for you to get sitelinks to show on your ad’s then you need to have good quality score and relveant ad’s…fine. Except thats not actually the case.
We’ve been doing a lot of testing on new ad’s on keywords of recent and have found [...]

Google have announced the launch of mobile sitelinks for advertisers as of yesterday. You can read all about this latest innovation (yes, another one! ) on the Google Mobile Blog…
Google Mobile Blog
Why are the Blackhatters mentioning this? (as its not really black hat ppc) Just to let readers know that if you have your [...]

The past three months have been the most hectic for as long as the BlackHatters can remember in terms of changes to Search Marketing. With Google releasing new products and the Yahoo & Bing merger, we wanted to collate all these changes and ask the question…how are PPC advertisers and search agencies meant to keep [...]

PPC Sitelinks Automated Scans…additional

Posted: 4th September 2010 by blackhat in Google AdWords

We reported yesterday in our post PPC Sitelinks Automated Scans coming soon… that Google’s automated scans would be against Google’s guidelines that ‘sitelinks are not directing to different domains.’
The BlackHatters have learnt since then that this is not 100% the case. If a brand owns a Facebook or Twitter page that is linked to the brand itself, [...]

PPC Sitelinks Automated Scans coming soon…

Posted: 3rd September 2010 by blackhat in Google AdWords

We have learned that Google have nearly completed their inhouse tool for monitoring the use of sitelinks in PPC ad’s which should be rolled out any time now.
The main points that the tool will be looking for are:
1. Use of symbols in sitelinks
2. Use of excessive punctuation in sitelinks
3. Sitelinks that are all directing to [...]