Google Instant Search

Google Instant Search: Arise the ‘super short tail’ keyword

Well, 24 hours afte Google announced Google Instant Search (as we reported in our previous blog article Google Instant Search: Launch Today) and the chaos continues.

We’ve seen brands up in arms shouting at Google as to why they are not getting suggested by Instant Search and asking whats going to happen to their CTR […]

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Google Instant Search: Comments

We thought we’d try and see if Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, would comment on Google Instant Search and the effect it will have on impression and CTR for PPC advertisers…

We think it is unlikely, but you never know! :-)

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Google Instant Search: Launch Today

As reported on search engine land last week, Google are holding a conference in San Francisco later today (6pm GMT) about a new product offering.

The question was asked as to what Google might be launching in an art arena…well the Blackhatters can reveal that Google is announcing the launch of Google’s ‘instant Search Results.’

Google […]

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