Google Double Serving

Search Partners Impressions Up? Lets play spot the natural ad…

The BlackHatters were looking at our PPC campaigns the other day and we are all seeing more and more impressions on the search partner network for our keywords. Now we’ve seen this going on for a while, but we thought it was just Google entering Broad match keywords into more Search Partners in order […]

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Double Serving Ads through Google Display Network

It has long being Google’s rules that you cannot double serve ad’s in Google Search or Google Display Networks where you have the same domain appearing more than once for the same search result. However, The BlackHatters have seen something recently that contradicts this Google rule and makes us wonder if there is a […]

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Google Double Serving in its own Content Network (again!)

The BlackHatters were pleased to see that Google were at it again yesterday with it’s unfair advantage. Whilst checking one of our Gmail accounts we notice Google Double Serving AdWords ad’s to users….

One rule for one, a totally different rule for Google! Surely Google are going to wake up soon and realise that people […]

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