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Google Shopping Issues – Products Disapproved Due to Policy Violations

We thought we would share the latest from the Google Support team for any other advertisers that are having an issue currently with their Google Shopping products being disapproved due to policy violations. The BlackHatters were confused as to why so many of some of their clients products were being disapproved when there had […]

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Google Paying Advertisers to Implement Sitelinks

How Google are now paying advertisers to implement sitelinks to take clicks away from natural listings.

Oh yes…we are still here…we’ve just been keeping a low profile.

We received a very interesting email from Google the other day, saying that they would give us £30 if we implemented sitelinks on one of our campaigns!

See screenshot below […]

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BlackHat back…Enhanced Campoos


Apologies to our readers for being away for a bit. We could blame it on laziness but the real truth is we’ve just been silly busy with our own projects.  Unlilke other PPC blogs out there (cough cough…PPC Hero) we aren’t a blog with a team of writers regurgitating PPC best practice to drive […]

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The Google Stack…where is it going to end?

Googler’s have a new buzz word at the moment! Gone are the days where Google reps couldn’t say 3 words without mentioning either ‘You Tube’ or ‘Mobile’…no thats so 2012…now its all about ‘The Google Stack.’

Now the first question you may ask is…what the hell is The Google Stack?

Well let us explain…

This is Google’s […]

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Search Partner Ads bigger than Google Search Ads?

The BlackHatters noticed something the other day that we had not noticed before…

When Google AdWords delivers ads on Google Search, users can only click on the Headline of the Ad Copy (as well as the sitelinks.) However, when Google AdWords delivers ads on Google Search Partners, every part of the Ad Copy is clickable […]

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Google Urgent Response…not so urgent

If you are in the UK and have been trying to get help with your Google AdWords account last week, you may have been having a few difficulties. Many of the UK managers have been over in the US for a Google conference so their account management service has been on hold. Google, preparing […]

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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What it really means!!!

On Wednesday Google announced its latest update to Google AdWords, Google Enhanced Campaigns. We know we are two days late writing about this…but we’ve been busy reading everyone else blog posts, white-papers and points of view and whilst there are some really good articles out there on the topic, we don’t feel they are really saying […]

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Double Auctions on Google Search Partners

A few months back we wrote an article  Search Partners Impressions Up? Lets play spot the natural ad where we were discussing how we had seen an increase in the number of impressions on the Google Search Partner network for paid search ads.

We have been talking with Google in regards to this matter and it […]

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The End of Google AdWords Editor?

There has been recent changes in the Google AdWords interface for certain accounts in the past weeks which has allowed advertisers greater ability to automate changes within Google AdWords themselves.  These latest changes are called ‘bulk operations’ and allow advertisers to make amendments to: Campaign Budgets, Destination URL’s, Appending and Pre-pending Keywords, Changing cases of keywords and ad copy, Find and […]

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Google AdWords Quality Score Myth Revealed

The rantings of some crazy men…

Following on from a recent forum question we read on Webmaster World Google AdWords Forum the question rose regarding ‘Keyword Quality Score Upgraded?’ – where advertisers Quality Score (QS) jumps from 6/10 & 7/10 to 10/10 overnight, with no real reason as to why Quality Score has jumped without any […]

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