Google AdWords Editor

The End of Google AdWords Editor?

There has been recent changes in the Google AdWords interface for certain accounts in the past weeks which has allowed advertisers greater ability to automate changes within Google AdWords themselves.  These latest changes are called ‘bulk operations’ and allow advertisers to make amendments to: Campaign Budgets, Destination URL’s, Appending and Pre-pending Keywords, Changing cases of keywords and ad copy, Find and […]

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A review of new a Google Editor like tool

The BlackHatters stumbled across a new kind of Google Editor tool the other week from a company called The tool is meant to allow advertisers to download their Google AdWords campaigns into the tool but then also improt in profitability and revenue data for keywords and ad’s making it easier for advertisers to […]

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New Google AdWords Editor released

We just wanted to say a big thanks to Google (random, we know!) for bringing out the updated version of Google Editor. This version contains…

Advanced Mobile Targeting
MCC support
New Negative Keyword Layout

This additional feature we are finding are really useful. However, we have heard rumours that there are still a few bugs with this new […]

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