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Amazon Double Serving

We saw this earlier in the week in the Google SERP’s… are able to deliver a standard PPC text ad as well as a product extension image ad for the same search query. In AdWords advertisers cannot show two ads for the same domain, but in this case Google isn’t seeing them as competing […]

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Upcoming AdWords Change: Review of Paused Ads…hmmm…



The BlackHatters, along with many other Google AdWords users, received the following email from Google yesterday regarding reviewing paused ads within Google AdWords accounts…

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

We’re writing to let you know about some upcoming changes to the types of ads we review.

What’s happening?
Starting on 6 September, we’ll begin reviewing paused ads the same way […]

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SEO Meta Descriptions appearing in PPC Ad Copy as additional Ad Text

Our Australian BlackHatter friends (g’day!) brought to our attention the latest Google Innovation to come out. We cant find any official word from Google on this or any other blogs mentioning this, but it appears Google are beta testing putting SEO meta descriptions in PPC ad copies as a 3rd description line.

Have a look […]

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Sneaky PPC? Or Clever PPC? – Using different ad copies to offer different pricing

The BlackHatters stumbled across something yesterday in the SERP’s, and we couldn’t work out if it was either sneaky PPC or very clever use of PPC?

The ads in question are from the antivirus provider, Panda Security. If you Google the term ‘Panda Security’ you’ll see 1 of 3 different types of ad copy being […]

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Black Hat PPC ad finally disapproved by Google…for inappropriate language

The BlackHatters were surprised the other day when we got an email from Google disapproving our PPC ad. We have seen 100’s of disapproved ads emails in the past, but the reason for this one surprised us. The Google email said…
Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your
account, we’ve found that one […]

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How many phone numbers can you fit in your ad copy?

The BlackHatters were sent in this ad copy the other day for the term ‘bad credit mortgage’ and thought it was amazing!

We know who we are gonna call if we ever need a mortgage…Steven Neale! This guy has managed to fit both his landline number and mobile number into his ad copy. That is […]

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When you are testing your PPC ad copy… don’t choose an expensive keyword!

The BlackHatters were sent in this ad the other week of someone testing an ad copy to see if they could get their ad showing (we presume.) But why did they choose to do a test on the term ‘loans?’ One of the top most expensive keywords that are out there….

Ooops! Not such a […]

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Google Promotes Phone Numbers on their PPC Ads

It was brought to our attention the other day about Google’s new love of promoting its own phone number. So what? However, we feel its a bit cheeky that Google spends 99% of its time trying to get people to click on their PPC ads (earning them money) but goes against it’s own (alleged) […]

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Boobs, Breasts and Whisky are all good…according to Google AdWords

The BlackHatters were pleased to see that Google has loosened up on its ad copy approvals a bit recently, as we were sent in this screenshot recently.¬†Bidding on the keyword ‘Chanelle Hayes’ and managed to get the terms ‘boobs’ and breasts’ approved in their ad copies…

Nice work!

Whilst we were on the subject of Google […]

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The least relevant PPC ad ever…


No matter how you cut it, if someone is searching for the term ‘luxury cars’ they don’t to see an ad for Skoda in position 1.

Brought to you by the Blackhatters.

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