The Gamechanger…Bing to Power Facebook Search Results (FaceBing!)

The Blackhatters have a prediction…

And its not normal for us to predict stuff, because generally we are pretty stoopid (and we’re sure we are not the only ones to have this prediction!)

But we reckon that Facebook will have a Search Bar on it that is powered by Bing by June 2012.


We’ll obviously everyone knows […]

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By |March 30th, 2012|Facebook|2 Comments

New Black Hat PPC Facebook Page

Check out our new Facebook Page!

We weren’t sure what the point was of Facebook changing it’s pages and adding in cover photos…now we know why. :-)
We’re sure you’ll like it!


Brought to you by Black Hat PPC.

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Facebook Power Editor Warning

Facebook released their version of Google Editor a few weeks ago called Facebook Power Editor (why the need for the ‘power’ we dont know.) It looks like a pretty good tool, but we haven’t tested it thoroughly yet to see if there are any bugs/improvements that they could make. But we just wanted to […]

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By |August 25th, 2011|Facebook|2 Comments

Facebook bans user for trying to attract customers to Google+…Facebook guilty of hypocrisy

We were interested to read this article earlier in the week on thedrum.co.uk. It’s about Facebook suspending an advertiser account for advertising for people to join him on Google+.

The article says…

‘A Facebook user has been banned from the website after he bought an advert on the social media website – inviting people to join […]

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Double Serving Ads through Google Display Network

It has long being Google’s rules that you cannot double serve ad’s in Google Search or Google Display Networks where you have the same domain appearing more than once for the same search result. However, The BlackHatters have seen something recently that contradicts this Google rule and makes us wonder if there is a […]

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Facebook – The Wild West for Affiliates (yee haa!)



Its common knowledge that Facebook is great news for affiliates. Why? Because Facebook doesn’t have the same controls that Google does and there is a reasonable amount of traffic there, depending on what you are targeting.

Affiliates have been making money off of dating sites which are lead gen (among other schemes) thanks to the […]

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Black Hat PPC on Facebook

The BlackHatters have decided to set up a Black Hat PPC page on Facebook. For a while now we’ve been having lots of emails coming in from people and feel that it would be good to open Black Hat PPC for people to contibute. The easiest way we thought to do this would be […]

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By |December 3rd, 2010|Facebook|0 Comments

Affiliates: Setting up your own ‘fake’ Facebook network

The BlackHatters have been busy the past couple of weeks setting up our own ‘fake’ Facebook network. ]

Why? More and more people are using Facebook as their search engine nowadays, with Facebook as their homepage and the results being powered by Bing. The reason we need our own Facebook network is so that we […]

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