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End of Google Affiliate Network – No More ‘Growth without the Grind!’

The news broke today that Google have made the decision to terminate the Google Affiliate Network, to focus on other products. Affiliates were told this via email from Brain Clark at Google…

We are sure many of you have heard, Google Affiliate Network has, in their words, “…made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate […]

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Do Black Hat Affiliates really exist?

Over 2 years ago now (has it really been that long!) Google introduced its landing page quality guidelines which had a big effect on affiliates at the time. Affiliates prior to this used to build ‘thin sites’ which provided little ‘user experience’ with the idea of using PPC to direct traffic to these sites […]

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A sad day for crazy affiliates – as Google bans iframes for AdSense

The BlackHatters were sad to read on SearchEngineLand that Google is banning iframes for AdSense. Back in the day some of the best black hat affiliates used iframes to generate massive revenues by tricking people into thinking they were on a merchants site when they were actually on their own affiliate site.

However, Google have […]

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Calling all PPC Affiliates: How long should a redirect be?

The BlackHatters need your help if you are doing any PPC that redirects through another site. We are testing how long redirects need to be in order to…

1. Be eligable for Google AdWords ad to be approved and not be disapproved because the destination URL does not match the display URL.


2. Not be too […]

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Google ad preview tools are broken

The Blackhatters noticed last Friday and reported on our Facebook page that both the new and old Google ad preview tools were not working correctly.

The issue is/was that when you changed the location to see your ad’s in a different country they were only coming back with the results for the territory you were […]

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No more misspellings in AdWords? Not good news for affiliates!

Recently it seems that Google have been cracking down on PPC affiliates who are using using mispelt ad copy to match the keywords they are bidding on. For example, an affiliate purposely misspells their ad copy headline to match the keyword they are targeting so that the headline is bolded out resulting in a […]

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A4U Expo, London, Day 2…

Okay we take it all back A4U isn’t as bad as we made out! Day 2 was a lot better with some really interesting presentations on link building for affiliate sites and Facebook performance marketing.

There was a terrible presentation on ‘how to avoid a Google Slap’ by Clickbank who clearly has never been slapped […]

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A4U Expo, London, Day 1…

A4U…an expo for affiliates to come and present on affiliate marketing.Hhowever, instead of it being presentations on new ways for affiliaites to make money…its really just an excuse for affiliates to promote their services. The whole concept is flawed from the outset as no affiliate is really going to tell other affiliates how they […]

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How to get Additional Characters in Google Ad Copy

Here is a little Black Hat PPC trick for you thanks to a recent update in Google AdWords.

Last week you might have noticed a new option in Google AdWords that came about when you are creating new ad’s in AdWords. There is a drop down for character limits that apply to Eastern European and […]

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Why a dam good Google Slap can be a good thing!

The dreaded Google Slap…every affiliates worse knightmare! Where Google determines that your campaign is in violation of its guidelines for some reason and then lowers all your keyword Quality Score to 1/10…pretty much putting your PPC campaign in the dustbin.

Well if you do get Google slapped and manage to get the decision reversed by […]

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