The BlackHatters noticed something the other day that we had not noticed before…

When Google AdWords delivers ads on Google Search, users can only click on the Headline of the Ad Copy (as well as the sitelinks.) However, when Google AdWords delivers ads on Google Search Partners, every part of the Ad Copy is clickable – Headline, Description Lines and Display URL…

Google Search Ad Copy

Google Search Partners Ad Copy


Begs the question…

Why has Google done this? Why are Search Partner ads entirely clickable, where as in Google Search ads only the Headline is clickable?

Possible Answers:

1. For greater ‘user experience’ so its easier for users to click on ads? Hmmm.

2. Because Google can trick users into clicking on search partner ads (which take up all of the real estate above the fold on a page, see – Search Partners Impressions Up? Lets play spot the natural ad…) and make more money for Google as a result? We think so!

Seriously…why would Google make search partner ads entirely clickable? Because it makes more money for Google and its unlikely anyone would notice as if they made this kind of change on Google Search ads, everyone would be blogging all about it!

Just another example of Google ‘not being evil‘ and making even more money for themselves!

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