We thought we’d share the screenshot below showing some keywords in Google AdWords that have Quality Score of either 6/10 or 8/10…so lower than the 10/10 that PPC advertiser strive for. The screenshot shows that in the past 6 weeks, these keywords have driven over 3,ooo clicks and the average CPC have been £0.01 for all of these clicks…

Proof That Quality Score Doesn't Matter

For those PPC marketeers out there that are worried about their Quality Score numbers appearing against their keywords and that they should be spending time trying to make their ad more relevant, landing page testing, keyword refinement, blah blah blah…stop worrying about it. The numbers Quality Score numbers associated against keywords make absolutely no difference to what you pay as a CPC as the screenshot above proves. Otherwise how can you drive over 3,000 clicks for £0.01 and not have a Quality Score of 10/10?

[In our best Kevin Spacey against in Usual Suspects]

‘The greatest trick that Google ever pulled, was convincing the World that Quality Score actually exists!’

Quality Score Mystery

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