You’re chance to have your PPC campaign reviewed by the BlackHatters for free advice as to how to improve your account.

What is on offer?

Very simply, we are offering our in depth PPC knowledge to review your Google AdWords accounts and make recommendations to help you improve your PPC campaigns performance.

What’s in it for you?

The BlackHatters have reviewed hundreds of PPC campaigns in the past and we have our own tried and tested methodology to get the best out of PPC campaigns.

What’s in it for us?

We are massive search geeks (afraid to say) and we are intrigued by all Google AdWords accounts. We have our own theories on how Google acts differently to different advertisers in how it sets CPC’s and what effect Quality Score really has on performance. The more Google AdWords accounts we get to see, the more of a picture we can build up of Google’s algorithms and what Smart Pain is going on in the background.

The Black Hat PPC Difference

Many PPC agencies out there offer ‘free’ audits of PPC account. but the real reason they are doing this is to poke holes in your campaigns and then try to sell their PPC services to you. The BlackHatters however are not interested in selling you PPC services…we have our own PPC campaigns to look after and we have much more profitable ways of making money (through Black Hat PPC) than running other peoples PPC campaigns for them. (and there are only so many hours in a day so we cant do everything.)

The other advantage to having your PPC campaign reviewed by the BlackHattters is that you will have it looked out by numerous different PPC experts working in different agencies and companies. So you will get a broader view of what to do with an account than by letting one agency look at it who only have their own way of doing PPC.


Afraid the PPC clinic is only available to Google AdWords accounts. you’ll have to look after any Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, You Tube campaigns yourselves.

How it works

Very simple really. All you nee to do is email requesting PPC Clinic in your email title. we’ll get in touch with you with an email address that you can invite to your Google AdWords account and then we’ll get back to you with a timeline of when we can get our recommendations back to you.

What about Security?

You’d be nuts to just handover access of your AdWords accounts to some randoms on the Internet. So we want to make sure that you keep you Account secure. How we’d so this is…

1. before you send us login details to your AdWords accounts you take a download of the entire account in Google Editor. This is for your own piece of mind that you can always get your account back at anytime.

2. You give us ‘read only’ access to your account. This way we cant make any actual changes to your PPC campaigns and will instead provide you with recommendations via email on what we think would help.

3. Once you have received our recommendations then you can terminate our access and be comfortable with the fact that your account is safe.

That way it is up to you whether you want to implement the recommendations or not. We are not here to make bulk ad copy changes or restructure campaigns for you…afraid you’ll be the ones who have to do the work.

If we help you, you help us…

If you are happy with the way the PPC Clinic works and the recommendations we provide improve the performance of your campaigns, then we’d love you to write a short comment saying the benefits it had for you. Nothing bettefr to build trust than a good user review after all! :-)

If you would like to take up the BlackHatters PPC Clinic or have any further questions then contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!