Funniest Google Email Scam

Following on from our previous article Google AdWords Email Scam we discovered an even funnier (and somewhat more concerning) email scam that is doing the rounds at the moment.

Check out this email below…

From: Google Incorporation <>

 Google Corporation®
Belgrave House,
76 Buckingham Palace Road,
London SW1W 9TQ,
United Kingdom.
Ref NO: GCS/G6I/88809
Batch: GUK/679/33/097I
We wish to congratulate you once again on this […]

Google GAP Exam v’s IPA Search Certificate

The BlackHatters were chatting with one of our friends the other day who told us they had sat the IPA Search exam and how much better they thought it was than the Google GAP exam. It got us thinking so we thought we’d let our readers know a bit more about the two and […]

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More PPC Bloopers anyone?

Thanks for sending in your PPC Bloopers to us, we had some great ones recently…

Duck Blooper

Okay, so not a PPC ad, but great to see display ads have bloopers too. Have a look at this scary looking Duck Display ad below…

Thanks to ‘Gilberto’ for sending that one in. Scary duck!

FAB Blooper

We like seeing PPC […]

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Giving your PPC the competitive edge using the Google IP exclusion tool

One of the most frustrating things that happen to the Blackhatters when running PPC campaigns is when we have our ad copy copied by a competitor. It really, really annoys us!

We spend hours writing the perfect ad copy…writing eye catching headlines, strong calls to actions, making the most of the display URL’s and as […]

Writing Mobile Ad Copy? Don’t forget the…

There was a new Google AdWords beta that was released last week, where they have changed the layout of the ‘Call’ button on mobile PPC ads. Previously, users would click on the actual phone number in order to dial through to the advertiser, but Google have now introduced a ‘call’ button to make it […]

PPC Bloopers and Sitelinks from the Good Old Days…

Its been a little while, but we thought we’d share some PPC Bloopers with you that we have been sent in and come across recently.

PPC Blooper – Rubbish

Whilst not an actual PPC ad, we did find a good Blooper on Google Maps the other day. We were looking at Trent Park (dont ask why!) […]

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Google AdWords Email Scam

The BlackHatters have heard of a number of people getting emails from, what they think is, Google requesting them to reset their password for their AdWords account.

Below is a copy of an email we received last week, the email is all in Thai (a dead giveaway that its not legitimately from Google) and we […]

Search Partners Impressions Up? Lets play spot the natural ad…

The BlackHatters were looking at our PPC campaigns the other day and we are all seeing more and more impressions on the search partner network for our keywords. Now we’ve seen this going on for a while, but we thought it was just Google entering Broad match keywords into more Search Partners in order […]

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Google Geo-Targeting on Mobile Issues

The BlackHatters were interested to find out something new that was sent into us earlier this week regarding Google Mobile geo targeting.

If advertisers are setting up campaigns in Google AdWords and they want to target a region, lets say London, Google wont show ads to users if they are using their mobile phone through […]

Bounce Rate now a factor in Quality Score…how to boost your Quality Score

Interesting update we noticed the other day in Google AdWords for accounts that are linked with Google Analytics. You now have the ability to filter your ads performance by ‘Bounce Rate’ in the drop down menu…

For a while now Google have skirted around admitting that Bounce Rate is a factor that they look at […]