End of Google Affiliate Network – No More ‘Growth without the Grind!’

The news broke today that Google have made the decision to terminate the Google Affiliate Network, to focus on other products. Affiliates were told this via email from Brain Clark at Google…

We are sure many of you have heard, Google Affiliate Network has, in their words, “…made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate […]

Google Urgent Response…not so urgent

If you are in the UK and have been trying to get help with your Google AdWords account last week, you may have been having a few difficulties. Many of the UK managers have been over in the US for a Google conference so their account management service has been on hold. Google, preparing […]

eBay and investing in PPC…a point everyone else is missing

Okay, there have been loads of articles on PPC blogs  in the past weeks following eBay’s report on why PPC is a bunch of pooh and no one should invest in it anymore.

Don’t worry we aren’t going to regurgitate the whole report for you but you can read it for yourself here (be warned…its […]

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What it really means!!!

On Wednesday Google announced its latest update to Google AdWords, Google Enhanced Campaigns. We know we are two days late writing about this…but we’ve been busy reading everyone else blog posts, white-papers and points of view and whilst there are some really good articles out there on the topic, we don’t feel they are really saying […]

Double Auctions on Google Search Partners

A few months back we wrote an article  Search Partners Impressions Up? Lets play spot the natural ad where we were discussing how we had seen an increase in the number of impressions on the Google Search Partner network for paid search ads.

We have been talking with Google in regards to this matter and it […]

And the winner is…

Thanks to all the entrants for the PPC Blooper contest that we launched a couple of weeks ago – PPC Blooper Contest: WIN a years subscription to SpeedPPC.

We had some great entries and we thought we’d share a few of our favourites and announce the winners of Annual Subscription toSpeedPPC. We liked this one which […]

PPC Blooper Contest: WIN a years subscription to SpeedPPC

Its the festive season and the BlackHatters have a great prize to give away to our readers this Christmas.

The Prize

We have two 12 months subscriptions to SpeedPPC worth over $100! (Wooooo! :-))

What is SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC automates the PPC campaign building process, allowing you to build really, truly relevant ads and landing pages for all your […]

The End of Google AdWords Editor?

There has been recent changes in the Google AdWords interface for certain accounts in the past weeks which has allowed advertisers greater ability to automate changes within Google AdWords themselves.  These latest changes are called ‘bulk operations’ and allow advertisers to make amendments to: Campaign Budgets, Destination URL’s, Appending and Pre-pending Keywords, Changing cases of keywords and ad copy, Find and […]

Google AdWords Quality Score Myth Revealed

The rantings of some crazy men…

Following on from a recent forum question we read on Webmaster World Google AdWords Forum the question rose regarding ‘Keyword Quality Score Upgraded?’ – where advertisers Quality Score (QS) jumps from 6/10 & 7/10 to 10/10 overnight, with no real reason as to why Quality Score has jumped without any […]

Destination and Display URL Not Matching?

Okay…geeky blog post coming…you’ve been warned…

The BlackHatters were interested earlier this week when we were searching for the term ‘cocktails’ in Google (don’t ask!) If you Google ‘cocktails’ you get the following SERP delivered…

We were particularly interested in the Smirnoff ad…

The display URL is www.youtube.com/Recipes but when you click on the Headline of the ad it […]