The BlackHatters were told (thanks guys) about this new and innovative way to improve the CTR rate of your Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) that has come up with…

Using Naked Chicks in your images!

Check out this ad for the term ‘shower enclosures’…

Nice! They have used a naked girl to model in their shower enclosure image! Definitely makes their ad stand out from their competitors!

And whats even better is when you link through to their landing page, there is a choice of close up images of their shower enclosure…

Liking the photos! 

We are sure this must have improved their CTR but we wonder if their conversion rate has increased as well…maybe the girl comes with the shower enclosure???!??

Not quite sure how Google approved this image, but we would like to see more PLA’s of this type (and maybe some more front on shots!) :-)

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