We thought we would share the latest from the Google Support team for any other advertisers that are having an issue currently with their Google Shopping products being disapproved due to policy violations. The BlackHatters were confused as to why so many of some of their clients products were being disapproved when there had been no changes to websites or feeds for the past two days.

Turn’s out it is an issue at Google’s end…

Regarding the disapproval reason outlined ‘Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation’, please see below for transparency on the matter. 

Summary of Findings 

It seems that those products are actually being disapproved due to the automated systems we have in place on our end, and we are unable to manually override these types of disapprovals at this point. We want to make sure you know that we understand that this is an issue affecting your account, as well as other accounts, and that our technical & engineering teams are diligently working on providing a fix for these sorts of issues. However, at this point we do not have an expected date by which the issue will be resolved, but we have confidence that the team are actively working on this.

Google is looking into this technical issue, but for advertisers who want to get their Google Shopping products active as soon as possible, Google are suggesting…

Next steps          

We are so sorry that at this point there is no better answer besides this one, but be sure that we’ve exhausted our resources in trying to figure out a workaround to this issue. In our experience, we have seen some people have success with submitting the disapproved products with a brand new item ID and description, so as to refresh the product in Merchant Center, so you may want to attempt this as a potential workaround although we cannot guarantee that it will work in this instance.

Not an ideal solution having to redo your product feed with all new product IDs and descriptions, but some retailers may need to do so as there is no guarantee as to when this issue may be fixed. The fact that Google Shopping drives such a high volume of traffic for retailers there will be a lot of disgruntled advertisers out there (we suspect that Amazon may be one of them as we haven’t seen their Google Shopping ads appearing the past couple of days.)

If you are suffering with this issue you can leave feedback for Google  from within your Adwords account by going to ‘Settings gear > Send Feedback.’

We hope that Google gets this issue fixed quickly and we will update you if we have any more news.

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