The BlackHatters were interested to hear about Google’s latest innovation that they will be bringing out as a beta in the next few months…Google Chat In Ads.

These ads will have the ability to have live ‘messenger style’ chats between the advertiser and the user. Unfortunately, we dont have any screenshots as yet to show you of how these will look (if you have any, send us one!) but it got us thinking….

Can you imagine users chatting to advertisers before they are taken through to the advertisers website? We understand that the idea behind this would be that advertisers could qualify users before coming to their website (but you have to pay for the click as soon as you start chatting to them.) But we see a few drawbacks with these new Google Chat in Ads as well;

1. Novelty value - if you  are one of the first advertisers who takes part in this beta, you are going to have users clicking on the chat option to see how it works. They aren’t going to be interested in your product or service, but rather how this new innovation works which is going to result in the advertiser paying each time these users click on their chat option.

2. Customer Complaints - users are going to think that this is a chat with the advertisers customer service and are going to start chatting away about poor customer service or some issue with a product they have already bought. So again the advertiser is going to be paying Google for users who are not actually interested in their products.

3. Who is going to be chatting from the advertisers side? – Advertisers are going to have to hire someone to chat to all these users who click on these Chat in Ads similar to how they have to have teams for other social engagement sites like Twitter and Facebook. Sure, you can time target the ads so you only run the chat option when the customer service team is there, but even if you do have a customer service team that are in place, this is still going to be an additional expense which is going to increase the overall costs of their PPC marketing channel. Advertisers could ask their PPC agencies to monitor this, but PPC agencies are going to charge them a fortune (if they agree to even do it at all) and are not the best placed to answer users queries in comparison to the advertisers customer service team.

We cant see how this new ad format is going to work and wonder if this could be the next – ‘Google, what were you thinking?’ 

Let us know your thoughts!

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