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The Search Alliance now Double Serving Ads

The BlackHatters were checking out Bing and Yahoo in the UK today, as today is meant to be the day that the Search Alliance comes into play. We were surprised when we saw the results as we are fairly sure that they weren’t like this last week (if we are wrong, we stand corrected!)

What […]

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The Search Alliance Organic Listings Transition…an excuse to scam more money?

The BlackHatters were interested to learn of the latest developments from the Search Alliance this week. For a while now, we’ve been told that the transition between Yahoo & Bing in the UK and Europe wont be happening until 2012 for PPC advertising…something about the fact they cant get the auction model to work, […]

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Search Alliance Event: Update

As mentioned last week, the BlackHatters were down at the Search Alliance event in London last Friday – Search Alliance Event

It was the usual showcase of how in love Bing and Yahoo are with each other (bless, its soooo sweet) and how the Search Alliance is going to be the most amazing thing for […]

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Search Alliance Event

The Blackhatters are down at the Search Alliance event at the Microsoft Cusomer Services offices in London today. We will be reporting back next week to give you all the latest insider news and whether there will be an answer to the eternal question…

Will the Search Alliance show advertisers where their traffic is coming […]

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The Search Alliance – Increase Query Share…nope wrong idea, try again.

As the next Search Alliance event in the UK appears on the horizon (25th Feb at the microsoft customer centre in London – if you dont have your invite, email us and we’ll send you the link) the Blackhatters have finally found an answer to the question as to why the almighty Search Alliance […]

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Bing & Yahoo Alliance

 A few weeks back the Blackhatters went along to the Yahoo & Bing Alliance conference in London for the top UK search agencies and key clients, to inform us on the latest developments for the Yahoo and Bing merger.

Well, they finally got around to sending the slide deck out from the conference and we […]

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