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A Career in PPC

Thinking of getting into PPC?

What can you expect from a career in PPC?

We were recently asked these questions by a few of our readers (thanks for the support! :-))

Here’s our guide to the kind of roles and salary expectations you should have for the first 5 years on starting off in a career in […]

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Black Hat Q & A: What is the best way of promoting you wholesale / online business with local search results taking up the SERPS?

The Black Hatters had a question in from one of our readers ‘T’ (thanks for the questions, keep them coming!) ‘T’ is working for a wholesale company and is concerned that their SEO work is penalised as local search results are pushing natural results further down the page.

Black Hatters Response:

I’m afraid there is nothing […]

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Black Hat Q & A: Display URL’s not Matching Destination URL’s

The Black Hatters often get emails in asking for tips and information from readers on things they have seen and would like our opinion on. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has sent us emails, we really appreciate them and more often than not ends up in causing arguments between the Black Hatters about who […]

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