Google Mobile Sitelinks Launched Yesterday

Google have announced the launch of mobile sitelinks for advertisers as of yesterday. You can read all about this latest innovation (yes, another one! :-)) on the Google Mobile Blog…

Google Mobile Blog

Why are the Blackhatters mentioning this? (as its not really black hat ppc) Just to let readers know that if you have your […]

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Why you need to split out your Mobile Campaigns (b’jesus, we are sounding like Google!)

The BlackHatters were looking at our campaigns the other day and noticed we’d had a few that were opted in to both Computers as well as mobile devices.

┬áNow fair enough, this is mainly down to laziness on our part…but really what difference does it make to split out you mobile and you computers campaigns?

We’ll […]

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Google Ad’s without a website! Why you dont need a mobile ready site anymore.

The BlackHatters have found out the latest innovation from Google for mobile advertisers.

Google are soon to be releasing a new ad format on mobile campaigns which will allow advertisers to only promote a click-to-call number on their ad, as opposed to actually having the ad go through to an actual website.

This has always been […]

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Tracking Mobile Through Google Analytics

We saw this recently and thought it was worth mentioning. Google Analytics has recently been updated to allow you to track calls through a website.

This is a very easy way for a site without an an online checkout to make money through a call centre…or even just for those enterpreneurs who have started a […]

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Making your site ready for Mobile

Have a website? Want to get mobile traffic to it as well? But you dont know how to go about doing it?

Well here is a handy tool that can be used to check your websites ‘mobile readiness’ and then gives you recommendations on how to make your site ready to be displayed on mobile […]

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