Google Quality Score

Double Auctions on Google Search Partners

A few months back we wrote an article  Search Partners Impressions Up? Lets play spot the natural ad where we were discussing how we had seen an increase in the number of impressions on the Google Search Partner network for paid search ads.

We have been talking with Google in regards to this matter and it […]

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Google AdWords Quality Score Myth Revealed

The rantings of some crazy men…

Following on from a recent forum question we read on Webmaster World Google AdWords Forum the question rose regarding ‘Keyword Quality Score Upgraded?’ – where advertisers Quality Score (QS) jumps from 6/10 & 7/10 to 10/10 overnight, with no real reason as to why Quality Score has jumped without any […]

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Bounce Rate now a factor in Quality Score…how to boost your Quality Score

Interesting update we noticed the other day in Google AdWords for accounts that are linked with Google Analytics. You now have the ability to filter your ads performance by ‘Bounce Rate’ in the drop down menu…

For a while now Google have skirted around admitting that Bounce Rate is a factor that they look at […]

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Translating your landing pages? Dont bother, let Google do it for you.

Do you spend time trying to translate your landing pages or websites into other languages in order to try and gett foreign visitors to buy your goods and servfices? it’s a major ballache which is time consuming and coslty…and the result is usually that it makes very little difference to the amount of visitors […]

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How to Tell Competitors Quality Score from Sitelinks

As we reported in our earlier article Google Sitelinks Update – Crazy Day for PPC ads! Google have rolled out sitelinks on Generic keywords. This change in Google’s policy can now allow those astute PPC analysts out there to work out what competitors Quality Score is on certain keywords.

The Blackhatters have worked out that for […]

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Google Smart Pain – Part 2: Google Changing its Algorithm Between Countries

We reported last month on Google Smart Pain and how Google has the ability to change its algorithm to amend CPC prices for different types of advertising – Google ‘Smart Pain’ – How Google changes it’s algorithm. To recap the Google Smart Pain example… 

Google Search – 10/10 example CPC £1.00
Google Content Network – 7/10 […]

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Instantly Improve Google Quality Score on Two Word Keywords

Struggling with your Quality Score in Google? Here is a really simple trick that helps in most cases for 2 word keywords to improve Quality Score.
If you have a keyword such as ‘black hat’ and have a QS of 4/10, try putting a ‘.’ between the two keywords as it resets the QS of […]

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Google ‘Smart Pain’ – How Google changes it’s algorithm

Google ‘Smart Pain’ is one of the closely guarded secrets that Google keeps in regards to how it’s algorithm works in regards to PPC. Google’s Smart Pain is an element of the algorithm that Google can control that sets a multiplier for CPC’s when looking at different networks or devices that PPC ad’s are […]

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