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Organic v PPC Ads Traffic Split – ‘According to Google’

The BlackHatters were sent a presentation recently on one of Google’s latest betas called ‘Search Companion Marketing.’ All very interesting stuff about Google and Search Retargeting, but that’s not what caught our interest (we’re sure you’ll hear all about it in a few weeks on some other PPC blog.) What we did find interesting […]

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Google disapproves of buying and selling links – unless you are

The BlackHatters are predominantly PPC guys, as per the name of our blog ‘Black Hat PPC.’ However, every now and then we get to talk to some Black Hat SEO’s. Now whilst we don’t get involved in Black Hat SEO ourselves (Black Hat PPC is hard enough) it is interesting to hear about the […]

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‘Oi! SEO listings! Get back on your own side!’ – PPC

The BlackHatters came across something we’d not seen before in the Google SERP’s yesterday. The SEO natural listings were encroaching over PPC ads…

What’s all that about then? Google maps directions are getting way too big for their own boots and have started to encroach on the (no, your not getting a link :-)) […]

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Google – the most relevant Search Engine algorithm the World has ever seen!…Or not.

A slight side step from our usual PPC related posts, but the BlackHatters were amused the other day when we saw Google’s natural ranking algorthm deliver the most useless SERP we have seen in a longtime.

We did a search for the term ‘new samsung phone’ (yeah, we are searching at for Samsung stuff at […]

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Google Reviews now having an effect on natual rankings

Another week…another change to Google’s algorithm! As reported last week in many of the PPC blogs Google have announced that they are not rewarding ‘nicer’ brands with better rankings in the natural search results.

Understandable that Google wants to reward sites that offer good user experience and get good customer reviews. There is the case […]

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Google ‘Definition in Context’ or Google Stealing traffic?

The BlackHatters were interested to see the latest Google Innovation that they’d kept pretty quiet and under the radar which is Google ‘Definition in Context.’ We’ve seen this appear on the natural term when you Google the term ‘what is wikipedia’ and you’ll see the ‘definition in context’ option come up as in the […]

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Big Changes in Google PPC Results Today – Google Beta Sitelinks

Google have been busy today! As we reported on earlier, Google have brought in ‘related to’ ad’s on branded keywords (see Google ‘Related to’ Ad’s appearing on Brand terms…we feel another lawsuit against Google coming on!)

However, we have also seen big updates in Google’s Sitelinks today as well. Firstly, they have allowed sitelinks to […]

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Disabling Personalised Search in Google

Ever get annoyed when you are trying to check the position of your sites and then you realise that you are logged into Google and are getting ‘personalised search results?’ 
  You can either logout of your Gmail account and then log back in later or use this little amendment to the URL in order […]

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Where have the organic listings gone?

There is always lots of talk in the industry about how PPC (pay per click) is becoming more expensive as CPC’s (cost per click) are rising and how SEO (search engine optimisation) is still the best way to go. However, anyone who has tried to get terms to rank naturally in the SERPS (search […]

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