Google Innovations

The Google Stack…where is it going to end?

Googler’s have a new buzz word at the moment! Gone are the days where Google reps couldn’t say 3 words without mentioning either ‘You Tube’ or ‘Mobile’…no thats so 2012…now its all about ‘The Google Stack.’

Now the first question you may ask is…what the hell is The Google Stack?

Well let us explain…

This is Google’s […]

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Improve Your CTR for PLAs – Use Naked Chicks!

The BlackHatters were told (thanks guys) about this new and innovative way to improve the CTR rate of your Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) that has come up with…

Using Naked Chicks in your images!

Check out this ad for the term ‘shower enclosures’…

Nice! They have used a naked girl to model in their shower enclosure […]

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The End of Google AdWords Editor?

There has been recent changes in the Google AdWords interface for certain accounts in the past weeks which has allowed advertisers greater ability to automate changes within Google AdWords themselves.  These latest changes are called ‘bulk operations’ and allow advertisers to make amendments to: Campaign Budgets, Destination URL’s, Appending and Pre-pending Keywords, Changing cases of keywords and ad copy, Find and […]

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Google Chat In Ads

The BlackHatters were interested to hear about Google’s latest innovation that they will be bringing out as a beta in the next few months…Google Chat In Ads.

These ads will have the ability to have live ‘messenger style’ chats between the advertiser and the user. Unfortunately, we dont have any screenshots as yet to show […]

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Google Drive – Privacy Policy Concerns

Google released another innovation this week, Google Drive, which is Google’s answer to Dropbox.

Now we know that isn’t really anything to do with PPC but it really annoyed us, so we thought we’d write about it.


It’s to do with Google’s privacy statement about Google Drive…

Basically anthing you send to your friends using this new […]

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Coming Soon…Goolge+ pages to have Retargeting Pixels (we reckon)

How have Google overlooked this fundamental?

They bought out Google+ and are promoting it to say that advertisers should drive traffic to their Google+ pages because of the way that Google are changing their search results and how much influence social signals are having on both PPC and SEO rankings.

But Google have totally missed a […]

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Amazon Double Serving

We saw this earlier in the week in the Google SERP’s… are able to deliver a standard PPC text ad as well as a product extension image ad for the same search query. In AdWords advertisers cannot show two ads for the same domain, but in this case Google isn’t seeing them as competing […]

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Organic v PPC Ads Traffic Split – ‘According to Google’

The BlackHatters were sent a presentation recently on one of Google’s latest betas called ‘Search Companion Marketing.’ All very interesting stuff about Google and Search Retargeting, but that’s not what caught our interest (we’re sure you’ll hear all about it in a few weeks on some other PPC blog.) What we did find interesting […]

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New Google Beta Tests 2012

One of the BlackHatters friends went along to a Google event last week all about their latest Google beta tests that they are launching in the upcoming months. Whilst Google didn’t share the presentation with people, we thought we’d let you know about some of the new stuff they have planned…

1. Communication Ads

A new […]

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Google’s latest innovation…is it good or are Google taking advantage?

The BlackHatters noticed the latest innovation from Google last week in the natural results, which we’d not seen before.

The search came on the term ‘eric clapton wife’ where Google is now delivering the top result in the natural listings as its own predicted answer. See screenshot below…

The BlackHatters have been arguing between ourselves about […]

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