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Is your PPC Campaign Performance Decreasing? You may be a victim of PPC Terrorism

Are you finding that your PPC campaigns performance is decreasing and you cant explain the reason why? You may be a victim of PPC Terrorists!

What do we mean?

Advertisers who use Google AdWords to run PPC campaigns know that Quality Score (QS) is a key component in having a good performing PPC campaign. One of the main […]

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Affiliates: How to get around Google Click Fraud

The BlackHatters reported many many moons ago our findings on Google Click Fraud, that Google Click Fraud detection system kicks in after you have clicked on an ad 3 times. This is a bit of a pain for affiliates who are in affiliate bidding wars when they want to deplete a competitors budget or […]

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Why PPC is like meeting girls…

Something that has been of popular debate amongst some BlackHatters is how similar PPC is to going on a date with a girl. What are we talking about? Let us explain…

CPC / Cost = Cost spent on taking a girl on a date
CTR = Amount of times you need to ask girls to go […]

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How to get Additional Characters in Google Ad Copy

Here is a little Black Hat PPC trick for you thanks to a recent update in Google AdWords.

Last week you might have noticed a new option in Google AdWords that came about when you are creating new ad’s in AdWords. There is a drop down for character limits that apply to Eastern European and […]

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Google Instant Search: Arise the ‘super short tail’ keyword

Well, 24 hours afte Google announced Google Instant Search (as we reported in our previous blog article Google Instant Search: Launch Today) and the chaos continues.

We’ve seen brands up in arms shouting at Google as to why they are not getting suggested by Instant Search and asking whats going to happen to their CTR […]

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Attention PPC Affiliates! How to keep under Google’s radar and avoid your Google AdWords account being suspended

In September 2009 (was it really that long ago!) Google cracked down on affiliates who were using PPC to promote bridging pages for merchant websites who they deemed were not adding value to users searches and then either slapped or suspended their PPC accounts at the time. There was a big uproar in the […]

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Blocking IP Addresses & Protecting Your PPC Ad’s

So what is the most important Google tool for affiliate marketers? Is it the keyword tool? The Ad Preview Tool? Google Insights for Search?

All good answers but we’re afraid the actual answer (in our humble opinion :-)) is the IP Exclusion Tool.

This tool is often overlooked by Search Marketers, but when used correctly can give you a […]

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Big Changes in Google PPC Results Today – Google Beta Sitelinks

Google have been busy today! As we reported on earlier, Google have brought in ‘related to’ ad’s on branded keywords (see Google ‘Related to’ Ad’s appearing on Brand terms…we feel another lawsuit against Google coming on!)

However, we have also seen big updates in Google’s Sitelinks today as well. Firstly, they have allowed sitelinks to […]

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Google ‘Related to’ Ad’s appearing on Brand terms…we feel another lawsuit against Google coming on!

It was unveiled recently that Google have been testing ‘related to’ ad’s in their result pages. We thought this new innovation was a great idea from Google when we saw these related ad’s appearing on keywords such as ‘World Cup’, where people were offered ad’s advertising tickets for the World Cup.

However, we have seen […]

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Google Analytics Banned in Germany?

We’ve been speaking with our German friends recently about the never ending cookie debate and the proposed ban on cookie’s being dropped by websites when they are not disclosing this to users, as it is an invasion of users privacy.

This cookie debate has been around for a while and cookies were banned for affiliates […]

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