Okay we take it all back A4U isn’t as bad as we made out! Day 2 was a lot better with some really interesting presentations on link building for affiliate sites and Facebook performance marketing.

There was a terrible presentation on ‘how to avoid a Google Slap’ by Clickbank who clearly has never been slapped and has no clue what to do if you actually do get Google slapped…oh, that fun moment when you wake up one morning and find all your kedywords with a QS of 1/10 and wondering what the hell is going on :-)

The Blackhatters are going to be testing some of the ideas on link building and facebook ad’s as well as signing up to POF affiliate scheme and seeing if Marcus is right that it is that easy to make money on Facebook by having a pretty girl in your picture!

Off now to hunt the internet for pictures of pretty girls..its a tough job, but someone has got to do it :-)

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