Thinking of getting into PPC?

What can you expect from a career in PPC?

We were recently asked these questions by a few of our readers (thanks for the support! :-))

Here’s our guide to the kind of roles and salary expectations you should have for the first 5 years on starting off in a career in PPC…

A career in PPC

Now we understand that this wont be the case for everyone, but if you do find that PPC is your thing, then this should give you a fairly good guide as to the kinds of roles and salaries you can expect from a career in PPC. Whilst currently there is no recognised university qualification for a career in PPC, a lot of people enter the industry with a wide range of qualifications…

So for those who are thinking of a career in PPC, here’s 7 things you should know:

1. You should like puzzles. PPC Accounts are like a big puzzle where you have lots of different factors that you need to all get working in unison, in order for you to get the best performance from your PPC Campaigns.

2.  You should be analytical. There are a lot of numbers that you have to deal with in PPC, so you need to have a good grasp of numbers but you don’t need to be a mathmetician.

3. You need a creative side. You need to be able to write lots of different ad copies in PPC and having that creative side will make your ads stand out from the competition.

4. You should like sociology. You need to get inside the head of consumers. Try to think what keywords people would search for a product or service, what creative message would attract them to come to your website?

5. Constantly changing environment. The rate of innovation in PPC is unlike any other industry thanks to Google. The PPC accounts now are very different to what we were doing just 2 years ago. What PPC will be like in 5 years time is anyone’s guess…but if there is an auction model involved in advertising, then it will be PPC professionals who will be at the forefront of future innovations.

6. Learn about other businesses. In an agency you come across many businesses that you work with to run PPC campaigns for them. You’ll get to learn all about how other industries and businesses work which always help with your own entrepreneurial ideas!

7.No suits! Being in the new media industry you get to dress down a bit. General attire is jeans and trainers which if wearing a suit and a career in Finance isn’t your thing…then PPC isn’t a bad choice when you consider you can earn reasonable money relatively quickly and get to wear casual clothes to work! :-)

If you are interested in a career in PPC, then you can always send your CV to the Black Hatters at as we have contacts with most of the PPC and Search agencies in the UK and can give recommendations.

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