PPC Bloopers and Sitelinks from the Good Old Days…

Posted: 11th October 2012 by blackhat in PPC Bloopers

Its been a little while, but we thought we’d share some PPC Bloopers with you that we have been sent in and come across recently.

PPC Blooper – Rubbish

Whilst not an actual PPC ad, we did find a good Blooper on Google Maps the other day. We were looking at Trent Park (dont ask why!) and we were amused to see the review headline that Google had picked up to describe Trent Park…

Trent Park PPC Blooper

Hehe…bet Trent Park are pleased to be known as ‘Rubbish.’

PPC Blooper – Dummy

We are always a fan of people testing new ad copy. But it always is good to spot their ‘dummy’ ad copy which is live and costing them money…

Dummy PPC BlooperEeek! That cant be good for dhlsameday.co.uk…hopefully the ad wasn’t running too long for them!

Some Old Skool Sitelinks

A long time ago…in (what seems like) a galaxy far, far away….(also known as 2010 in PPC terms)

PPC advertisers used to be able to put symbols in their sitelinks. This was before Google banned symbols in sitelinks and ruined everyone’s fun (party-poopers!) But we were pleased to see this lastminute.com ad recently…

Last Minute Sitelinks


But unfortunately, these little flight tag symbols didn’t last for long as we checked again and they have gone…but hopefully it means that there may be a way to start using symbols in sitelinks again.

(Until then we will just ┬áhave to put up with CAPITALISING all of our Offer Extensions ad text…Google cant detect capitalisation in Offer Extensions at the moment, so knock yourselves out with your Offer Extensions ad copy…but keep it quiet…dont let Google know ;-) )

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  1. Henri says:

    I saw that before with another travel advertiser. I don’t think lastminute put these symbols. You’ll see they appear only next to special offers.

    It’s probably google testing their new special offers ad extensions.

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