The BlackHatters were amazed when we were forwarded on the details of a website offering PPC and SEO services.

The website in question is as we were amazed at their PPC offer, which you can see on the following link if you scroll down to the bottom…


Now for those of you who are too lazy to click on a link, here’s what it says…







Wow! What an offer. 20 keywords with unlimited clicks for £200 a month!!! We’ll have some of that! Can we have the keywords:

Car Insurance

Credit Card




You get the point. How can anyone offer unlimited clicks on PPC keywords??? Thats just crazy! CPC’s on top generic terms are £20-£65 so would be great to have unlimited clicks on 20 keywords for only £200.

We have a feeling that this may not be 100% legit. It may be just us, but their ‘about us’ page gave us a clue…














‘GOGGLE?’ Who the hell is Goggle? This means either one of two things…

1. They cant spell ‘Google’ which isn’t filling us with confidence for a search agency, and the fact that they capitalised the spelling mistake as well.

2. This amazing PPC offer is for unlimited clicks on their own made up search engine ‘Goggle.’ In which case, who wants unlimited clicks on there as no one has ever heard of it!

Brought to you by Black Hat PPC.

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  1. sajan kota says:

    Thanks a lot for such a nice post.It’s very useful tips to improve web site traffic.

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  3. Wow, fantastic. Just trying to think of phrase including words ‘if, it, seems, too, good, to, be, true…’ :-)

  4. Chuck says:

    That’s great, and when customers ask why they are getting any results on Google, they will be asked if they checked GOGGLE. Too funny.

  5. Boby says:

    My understanding was that they charge £200 to manage 20 keywords while you provide the budget…
    Does that make more sense?
    But then with Goggle in their ‘About’ page, that doesn’t inspire confidence at all.

    How about this site?
    Pretty-looking site trying hard to be professional; too hard perhaps because if you pay a little attention to the content, you’ll find that they say you should submit your site to Yahoo, that it is one of the biggest search engines and that it is a ‘powerful entity’ for marketing! Or how about what they say on the real Google (correctly spelt!):
    Karma Snack knows how to register websites with Google.

    For FS, I wouldn’t touch an SEO company like that with a barge pole, no matter how pretty their website and how correctly they spell Google. Who submits their site to Google anyway nowadays? And they want to charge for that?

  6. Lightning says:

    The missing piece of information is what they set for the bid amounts on those keywords. If they only bid a few cents, they can afford to offer unlimited clicks and still make money, since there will not be many clicks.

    It doesn’t “sound” like they are charging $200 to manage your unlimited click budget, but I don’t think you can assume to be sure of anything with them at this point.

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