Google’s Quality Score update

Posted: 15th May 2012 by blackhat in Google AdWords

Google announced the other week that they are providing more transparency for advertisers in regards to keyword Quality Score. They have updated the explanations for keywords when it shows if your ad is showing or not…


 [useful huh? QS 1/10 is average and QS 10/10 is above average!]

So now you get to know whether your Quality Score is below average or not. We were thinking about this and what advertisers would do if they saw their keywords with below average QS. The advertiser would try to improve their QS…how…well there are a few ways you can do so…

1. Reset Your Keyword - Improve the relevancy between your ad copy and your keyword (splitting out keywords and making your ad groups more granular)

2. Do Nothing – Wait and hope that your CTR picks up over time.

3. Landing Page Relevancy – Improve your landing page relevancy and page load speed times.

4. Amend Max CPC –  Increase your max bid to try and move your ad to a higher position to see if your click thru rate improves.

It is point number 4 that concerns us. Ever the conspitacy theorists (oh yeah!) could this new update in Quality Score transparency be a way for Google to get advertisers to increase their bids to improve their QS???? We think so.

So what does this latest change really mean? Shock horror…MORE MONEY FOR GOOGLE!!!!

Like they dont have enough already, but it goes back to our earlier article on Google’s revenue target for 2016 and how we expect to see more of these so called improvements from Google in the future whichcare secretely disguised as a way for Google to make more money

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  1. The difficulty in really understanding the Google Quality Score algo, is the lack of transparency shown by Google , especially with introductions such as the new landing page quality update . So what do we actually know about Quality Score? How can adwords Quality Score be maximised to increase profitability? How do I know what Google deems as ‘quality’? Lets look at this from the begining.

  2. Sy Corb says:

    I actually called Google about an anomaly I saw with a few of my keywords (the fact that that they were rated average or above average with a QS of 4), and the suggestion I got from the confused sounding lady from Google was “up the bids on these keywords so your CTR will increase and then so will your QS”. My problem with this is, if all advertisers are being given this advise then the max CPC will be increased anyway and then you wont be able to lower the cost. Like you said Black Hat “more money for Google!”, and not a thing the advertiser can do about it.

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