Paid Search Bloopers

Posted: 11th April 2012 by blackhat in PPC Bloopers

We’ve been sent in these PPC Bloopers recently and thought we’d share them…

1. Omniture PPC Blooper – Omniture’s own PPC campaign is broad matching on ‘personalisation’ for the term ‘personalised gift.’

Omniture PPC BlooperWe cant see anyone really wanting Omniture as a gift!

2. Marin PPC Blooper – Marin (PPC Bid Management Technology) need some lessons on writing coherent creatives on Linked In…

Marin PPC BlooperThey shouldn’t been pluralising ‘negatives’ here in their ad copy. Doesn’t look great having misspells in your ad copy when you are selling PPC Technology solutions.

3. Ferrari PPC Blooper – Another misspelt ad copy from…

Ferrari PPC Blooper

Its ‘Ferrari’ not ‘ferarri’ on content ad on Gmail. But we cant be too harsh, we aren’t the best spellers either!

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