Google have been innovating (again!!!) and this time they have been changing the colours of the Graphs that appear in AdWords. Previously Google’s Graphs used to look like this…

Google AdWords Graphs

Nice and easy to understand. Nice big lines that you can see. Numbers down the left hand side and a key telling you what you are looking at on the right (in this case comparing month on month clicks. Simple!

But no.

Oh no.

Oh no, no, no!!!

Google have obviously got money burning in their pockets and have spent it on usability testing of these Graphs and (for those unlucky ones) have updated/innovated (you choose) to certain Google AdWords accounts, so now they look like this…

Google Graphs

So now the nice big blue and green lines have turned into tiny blue and red ones. Why they have changed this, we have no idea…maybe its some patriotic American thing. But that’s fine…we can live with the colours changing. What is annoying us is the new vertical axis that they have put on the right hand side.

Now sure, in theory…they thought this would be a good idea…nice new shiny axis for people to compare different metrics on so you can compare clicks and impressions. However, it doesn’t bloody work when you are trying to compare two different date ranges!!!

You can see in the graph above that the Red line is the clicks for the 19th April – 1,398. And the Blue line is the clicks for the 20th April – 980 clicks. But if you look at the graph the blue line is above the red line…so on first thoughts you would think that you had more clicks on the 20th than you did on the 19th April. Misleading much?

Sure – we understand that is happening here is that the vertical axis on the right is actually a different scale, going up to 4000 clicks where as the one on the right goes up to 2000 clicks. Why the hell these axis are different in this case…we have no idea! Again, we wouldn’t mind as much if Google didn’t use its special magic paint that it uses when shading PPC ads and natural results, so that if you tilt the screen on your laptop slightly they become invisible. Surely Google should be making these axis clearer for users? If you just compare the screenshots of the two graphs, you can ┬ásee that the fonts they are using on the axis are different and, in our humble opinion, the new graphs are less clear for users.

Google – stop using your magic invisible paint and stop making your new Graphs misleading!

Brought to you by The BlackHatters.

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