Yahoo PPC Blooper

Posted: 15th February 2012 by blackhat in PPC Bloopers

The BlackHatters received a great PPC blooper today from a friend of ours (thanks!) from the recruitment site It all seems to be going fine for Reed at first glance when you look at their Brand ad on Yahoo…

Reed PPC Ad

Nothing wrong there, all looks good.

But if you refresh the page you’ll see the other ad they are also running…

Reed PPC Blooper

Eeeek! What’s going on there? An interesting choice for description lines.

But in case you were worried and really wanted to know what the ad should have said, we had a look on Bing and are guessing that this is what they were trying to say (maybe we should offer a PPC Ad Copy translation service, hmmm….)

Reed Bing PPC Ad

Keep the bloopers coming in…they always serve to brighten our day! :-)

Brought to you by Black Hat PPC.

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