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Google’s Answer to Criteo and Struq…Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Another innovation from Google came to our attention last week…Dynamic Remarketing Ads. This latest innovation seems to be Google’s answer to personalised remarketing ads from companies such as Struq and Criteo here in the UK.

It’s an interesting development from Google, as there was speculation that Google would look to acquire someone like Criteo but […]

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Yandex: A competitor to Google?

Whilst we are all caught up watching Bing and the Search Alliance try to battle Google for marketshare and watching the Facebook and Google battle for who has the most users, there is another quiet competitor that is coming into the market.


Yandex – the Russian based search engine.

Surely not, we hear you say!

Take a […]

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A PPC Blooper from our mates in the States…

The BlackHatters were recently sent in a new PPC Blooper, from our friends across the pond in New York. We’ve glad to see that its not just here in the UK that PPC Bloopers are on the increase, but also in the States as well.

This weeks blooper is a great example of an advertiser […]

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Roll up, roll up…get your Google+’s here!

We guess the only thing that is surprising about the fact you can now buy Google+’s is the fact that it has taken a month for a company to start offering this as a service. #

Check out where you can buy 50 Google+ for $19.99, 250 Google+ for $69.99 and 2000 Google+ for […]

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The Search Alliance Organic Listings Transition…an excuse to scam more money?

The BlackHatters were interested to learn of the latest developments from the Search Alliance this week. For a while now, we’ve been told that the transition between Yahoo & Bing in the UK and Europe wont be happening until 2012 for PPC advertising…something about the fact they cant get the auction model to work, […]

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Google+ – time to take it seriously or is it all just hype?

Google+ was launched a few weeks back now and there has been loads, and loads, and loads of talk all about it!

It’s great, because its Google’s attempt to get into the social sphere where they have failed in the past (with the exception of Search, they have failed at a fair amount of stuff…but […]

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