This is an article we’ve been meaning to write for a while now, but we kind of presumed everyone knew how to cheat at Google AdWords exam, until one of the BlackHatters failed their AdWords exam recently (passed 2nd time though!)

Now sure, you can spend hours on end reading all of the 15 sections of topics on the Google AdWords Learning Center, however, if you cant really be bothered with revising (life is too short after all) there is another way…

When you take the Google AdWords test, Google gives you 2 hours to complete the questions and prevents you opening other windows during the exam. This is a bit of a pain, as you cant check answers on the internet to some of their ridiculous questions which hardly make any sense.

So how to cheat? Answer’s simple really…

Have 2 laptops!

Yeah, just sit there with 2 laptops, one you take the test on and the other you can open the Google AdWords Help Center and look up any of the answers you aren’t too sure about. By doing so, you should easily be able to achieve the 85% pass mark that they now require and will save yourself the bother of having to revise, or retake the test again later.

Brought to you by Black Hat PPC.

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  1. jigga says:

    But wait! The truth is….you can allow yourself about a minute per question. After an hour staring at their blank white-grey screen you mind slows a bit, and just to decipher what they’re getting at, you ll find you only have 30 seconds spare to pick an answer. Sometimes it’s a very obvious answer. Sometimes you narrow it to one of two answers.

    So you take a gamble and search in Adwords help or you be confident. In the end I reckon you can search for maybe 10-15 questions (out of ~110). The rest you’re basically on your own, otherwise you’ll get bogged down searching through in adwords.

    Just my experience of it though!

  2. jake.fielde says:

    The way I have taught some of my guys to do it , is by using virtual machine.

    So create a virtual machine. Make sure it has different IP address and start answering :)

  3. Arpit says:

    You really cannot answer the questions by using 2 PC as jigga mentioned you dont have time

    The exam is quite tricky and it is difficult to complete in 120 minutes for a newbie but i have managed to get 95 and 94 percent respectively in fundamentals and advanced exam.

    I must say that being in industry and a worked as a freelancer for past 3 years have helped me to ace this.

    P.S you can contact me at the email address mentioned in the RESULTS url

  4. Chuck says:

    Interesting thought but I think it would take too much time to seach you might just want to take an afternoon to read the stuff.

  5. Henry says:

    Hi Jake Fielde

    What do you mean by using a virtual machine?

  6. nhinquattran says:

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  7. Eugene says:

    Great cheating tips :) For all you out there planning to take Adwords exam, you can take some AdWords Fundamentals practice tests for free at There’s also an exam simulation mode which allows you to simulate the real exam experience.

  8. Jony says:


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