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Google +1 – Can it be scammed?

Posted: 22nd June 2011 by blackhat in Google Innovations

Over the next two weeks Google will be rolling out the Google +1 Box throughout the SERP’s for users. You’ve probably heard all about Google +1 box already but if your not sure what we are on about you can check out Google’s lovely video all about it…

(if you cant see the video for any [...]

Last week Search Engine Land reported that Google are testing a new feature where they show the number of click counts on PPC Ad’s.
This latest development certainly got the BlackHatters talking as to what this might mean for PPC Advertisers. For Google, they will go with their theory of ‘letting the masses decide’ which underlines [...]

Last week Google announced their latest big thingymebob for that week. No, it wasn’t about the new Panda update or mobile payment methods…it was about Google Image Search for Desktops.
We had a look at this and despite the fact that it is pretty useless and gonna end up being another innovation from Google that no [...]

The BlackHatters need your help if you are doing any PPC that redirects through another site. We are testing how long redirects need to be in order to…
1. Be eligable for Google AdWords ad to be approved and not be disapproved because the destination URL does not match the display URL.
2. Not be too long [...]

The [site: keyword] mystery…

Posted: 16th June 2011 by blackhat in Black Hat PPC

The BlackHatters stumbled across something very strange recently and we cant work out what is going on.
We tested the idea of using a keyword that is [site:] in Google AdWords on exact match to see what came back. We were most surprised at the results…
We tested it on many campaigns with differing results being [...]