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How to target the All Countries and Territories in Google AdWords

The BlackHatters were sat around the other day and were wondering to ourselves what would happen if you targeted an area of the ocean for you Google Campaign…how would Google draw territories between countries? What languages would it suggest for you to target for an area of the Atlantic Ocean?

So we set up one […]

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Embedded Sitelinks – Trademarking Issues?

Google announced the launch of their latest ad extension for Google AdWords Advertisers earlier this week…embedded sitelinks.

Embedded sitelinks allow advertisers to link from the description lines of their ad copy to relevant pages on their site when the keyword is mentioned in their ad copy. For example…

In order for advertisers to have embedded sitelinks […]

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A Google Search PPC Blooper

The BlackHatters were amused at the latest PPC Blooper that we found this week (oh yeah, its a weekly thing nowadays!) We were looking to redeem out Google Vouchers – you know, they free £50 vouchers they give away to new advertisers all the time – but we mispelt our search term and found some […]

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A new approach to selling your PPC service

The BlackHatters have spent many a long hour in boradroom’s pitching PPC services into prospective clients. And as fun as it is trying to explain to some old dude who is the ‘old media type’ and believes newspapers are going to make a resurgance that we dont pick up the phone and call Google […]

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A review of new a Google Editor like tool

The BlackHatters stumbled across a new kind of Google Editor tool the other week from a company called The tool is meant to allow advertisers to download their Google AdWords campaigns into the tool but then also improt in profitability and revenue data for keywords and ad’s making it easier for advertisers to […]

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Beat That Quote PPC Blooper

Another week and oh yes…another amazing PPC Blooper!!! (we know you love ‘em really :-))

 This week’s blooper comes from Beat That Quote who are advertising on some high CPC terms like ‘cheap car insurance.’ Their ad copy features some amazing offers….

Impressive! Save absolutely nothing on your car insurance and life insurance for £0 – […]

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