AT LAST! Google has done something that is actually helpful for affiliates! This is truely a momentous moment. :-)

What are we talking about? Google AdWords Automated Rules – the latest innovation from Google for their AdWords platform that was released last week.

For the details of what this latest innovation from Google is, check out the link to their forum :

Or alternatively you can watch this loverly video about the matter…

So, hopefully you’ve got an idea of what these automated rules are all about. But why is it useful for affiliates?

Well, these new settings mean that PPC affiliates who are in bidding wars for certain keywords, can now set a rule at an ad group level which allows them to pause that ad group if the average CPC rises a certain percentage. This means that affiliates who have their max CPC’s set to high bids in order to get their ads to show, dont need to worry so much about having their price pushed in a bidding war as Google will now alert them to when their average CPC increases and pause the ad group before the affiliate loses too much money. Thanks Google!

Here’s a screenshot that might give you an idea…

Google Automated Rules

We are still experimenting with Google Automated Rules, but if we find out any other handy tips, we’ll let you know.

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  2. Birger says:

    With Storm for Affiliates we offer rule based bidding for Affiliates as well. But you are not limited to set rules based on a max cpc target you can also set up performance based rules based on profit per click, ROI, EPC or whatever metric you want to monitor. That’s the cool and easy think when you integrate your search engine data AND the data from currently about 40 different affiliate networks/partners. That’s especially great if you are a heavy PPC affiliate. :)

    • blackhat says:

      Hey Birger,

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah Storm for Affiliates is pretty cool. Has a few bugs still that need work and doesn’t do all affiliate networks so we’ve heard, but having said that is still one of the best tools out in the market at the moment for affiliates (in our humble opinion!)


  3. Birger says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate that. If you know any bugs that we should fix or if you have suggestions for feature enhancements let me know. We are always open for feedback from affiliate folks.

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