In case you have you forgotten in all the hype around Google Instant…today is the day of the Google Trademark Policy change as reported in our post Google Trademark Policy: No Brand Protection Anymore (you need to read this article, biggest change in PPC in 2 years!)

We’ve been testing this today and are now seeing that ad copies are not getting rejected for trademark reasons but are ‘pending review’ currently. We asked Google when we would see this trademark policy rolled out and official line from one of our Google chums was…

I just received communication on the Trademark policy issue and have been informed that this is due to be rolled out at midday in Mountain View California, therefore our team are recommending that any ads you may want to submit should be kept on hold until tomorrow morning as they may be disapproved today.

So looks like it may well be tomorrow (GMT) before this is properly rolled out. The BlackHatters will keep you updated with any developments.

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  1. Clement says:

    Ads using product names that are trademarked have gone through without any issues, but they are in a new status I had never seen before: “Approved (Limited). Mouseover on the status gives the following indication:

    Approval (Limited) Status

    Ads with “Approved (limited)” status will not show in all of the geographical locations you have selected.

    Ads are reviewed according to our advertising policies. In some cases your ad may be categorized as “Approved (limited)” depending on the content of the ad text and the website. In these cases your ad will only be allowed to show in certain countries on the Google Search and Content Networks per our policies.

    See limitations for ads using trademarked terms
    See ad policies for gambling and related content
    See Ad policies for prescription drugs and related content

    Seems like the approval status is now dependent on geography (in that instance, the campaign targets the UK except NI).

    • blackhat says:

      Thanks for commenting. The BlackHatters saw this new approval status earlier today as well, but didn’t have a chance to write up about it yet. Turns out that you get this as you are permitted trademarks in the UK, Canada and Ireland but it is ‘limited’ to that…hence the new approval status.

      • Clement says:

        Thanks for the info. None of the Approved (Limited) ads are being displayed in the UK, though, while the other ads (i.e. not containing trademarks) are generating as many impressions as before.
        I have just changed the ad delivery setting to “rotate” for this campaign, to check if this makes any difference, but I suspect that they are still somehow being blocked (the regions targeted are UK only, so if they are approved for the UK they should be displayed).
        Could it be that there is some kind of “manual review”, at least initially and for the most “sensitive” brands, in order to avoid a legal meltdown?
        Anyway, been waiting for a few years to be able to use product names, so I guess a few more days will not make a huge difference :)

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