Google Instant Search: Launch Today

Posted: 8th September 2010 by blackhat in Google AdWords

As reported on search engine land last week, Google are holding a conference in San Francisco later today (6pm GMT) about a new product offering.

The question was asked as to what Google might be launching in an art arena…well the Blackhatters can reveal that Google is announcing the launch of Google’s ‘instant Search Results.’

Google has been testing this over the past few days and we’ve seen new options appearing in the SERPs for users as you can see below…

Google Instant Search

Google’s Instant Search was leaked a few weeks back on blogs and it looks to us like Google has pushed through its announcement on this new product as a result.

Google Instant Search will put Google’s search engine technology way past its competitors (Bing) and secure its position as the number one search engine.

The Blackhatters will be listening in with keen interest at the launch to see how Google answers the questions surrounding how instant search has an impact on PPC advertisers impressions and resultant CTR on ad’s. We will keep you posted with any updates and remeber…you heard it here first! :-)

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    • blackhat says:

      Hi there,

      Sorry but the BlackHatters cant reveal their sources (i’m sure you can understand why!) but suffice to say that we like your Twitter and your Blog and keep up the good work :-)


  1. J.T. says:

    Impressions go up, CTR down, broad match now definitely sucks. Advertisers will have to write more specific ads than ever IMHO.

  2. blackhat says:

    Hi JT,

    Couldn’t agree more. Will be interesting to see how this effects CTR and impressions. The BlackHatters have been chatting this evening on what effect this will have on keyword refinement. Looks like more keywords / mispells of keywords where the first few letters of the keyword is targeted.

    We were discussing what effect this will have on SEO rankings as well…we aren’t sure at the moment (have a few theories) but we’ll wait and see.

    We feel that this is a step from Google trying to get more users to use Google optimisation features (enhanced CPC, conversion optimiser, etc) to optimise campaigns rather than using agencies. The biggest threat (as Google have told us themselves) to Google PPC revenue is ‘over optimisation’ by PPC agencies. We dont not like where this is going. :-(

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