Well, 24 hours afte Google announced Google Instant Search (as we reported in our previous blog article Google Instant Search: Launch Today) and the chaos continues.

We’ve seen brands up in arms shouting at Google as to why they are not getting suggested by Instant Search and asking whats going to happen to their CTR and QS. They has been speculation that there will be an increase in impressions on PPC ad’s and that CTR will decrease (we’ve already seen this as the case in some of our campaigns.) There are also alternative arguments saying that actually CTR will improve as users will find what they are looking for quicker. There has been talk of the death of long tail keywords and misspellings as well as SEO being well and truely being up a brown coloured creek without a paddle!

The Blackhatters actually reckon Google Instant Search is a good idea for users who will find the big brands and popular websites quicker…granted this isn’t an original idea of Google’s, Yahoo had this back in 2005 and canned the idea, but hey! (see Search Engine Lands article)

What this actually all means for search marketing we will only really be able to tell in a few months time.


Anyway enough ranting, lets get on to some black hat ppc…following on fro¬† Google Instant Search the Blackhatters would like to be the first to introduce a new type of keyword (aside from brand, generic, brand and generic, product and long tail keywords) please welcome….


As Google Instant Search predicts what users are looking for as they type (if you want more info on Google Instant Search, check out Search Engine Land who have some really good posts on the matter – nice work guys!) PPC advertisers can now bid on the first few letters of a keyword in order to have their ad show. For example, if your keyword was ‘google’ then you can now bid on ‘g’, ‘g’, ‘goo’, ‘goog’, ‘googl’…you get the idea. These keywords currently will have low competition andwill mean your ad is seen by users who are using Instant Search…this is particularly useful for SME’s who will not be predicted by Instant Search results like the big brands.

The Blackhatters are testing this new ‘Super Short Tail’ keyword and it is having good results initally but it is very early days.

We’d like to hear back from any other advertisers using this technique to see how they are getting on.

Amongst all the chaos that Google Instant Search has brought we did find it funny yesterday seeing what Google Suggests second suggestion was for the term ‘Google Instant’…

Google Instant Search not working

Go on then…we are feeling lucky Google Suggest :-)

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  1. Steven says:

    I am not sure if this will work. Because Google shows only the ads for the keyword which
    they think you are searching for. (the grey one)
    Lets say you like to search for “insurance”. If you type in “insura” google will suggest “insurance” and shows only the ads for that term. So, i f you would bid on “insura” i think you ad wouldnt be shown.

  2. Louise says:

    Hi there. Interesting post! I am not sure that this will work, however, as it appears that Google are actually showing the ads of those bidding on the suggested keyword.

    E.g. If someone types “google re”, the ads will show for those bidding on the suggested term “google reader”. Am I wrong?

    All the best,

  3. sumzero says:

    google instant not working on .co.uk or any other international google pages

    google.com is the only one to have the feature so far methinks

  4. Louise says:

    I’m trialing it at google.com/instant :)

    I’m just not sure that this method (as clever as it could be) actually works.

  5. seobro says:

    I love it how when you type in “A” amazon pops up. Hey, gee you think amazon is paying em money?

  6. jim says:

    works logged in and logged out to your Google account in the USA. Only works when logged in for the other 6 countries (including UK) at the moment, roll out will come to these soon…

    • blackhat says:

      Hi everyone,

      If you want to see super short tail keywords in action then you can already in the UK. The smart people who run the Vodafone PPC account (we know who you are :-) ) are already doing so, by bidding on terms such a ‘voda’, vodaf’, vodafo’ etc.

      BlackHatters are currently trialing it and we’ll let you know how it goes next week (we’re having a break this weekend, it’s been one crazy week!)

  7. Steveo says:

    There is a google instant scraper herer .. this post makes sense when you see these types of results

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