As we reported in our earlier article Google Sitelinks Update – Crazy Day for PPC ads! Google have rolled out sitelinks on Generic keywords. This change in Google’s policy can now allow those astute PPC analysts out there to work out what competitors Quality Score is on certain keywords.

The Blackhatters have worked out that for two line sitelinks keywords have a QS of 10/10 and for one link sitelinks the QS on the keyword is 7/10. Knowing this we can see what a competitor’s QS is for certain keywords by what kind of sitelinks are showing.

An example of this can be seen on the keywords ‘takeaway’ and ‘take aways.’ The first example shows the keyword ‘takeway’ where the advertiser Just Eat are showing two line sitelinks showing…

Black Hat PPC - Takeaway Sitelinks

The second example shows the keyword ‘take aways’ where they one have one line sitelinks showing…

Black Hat PPC - Take Aways Sitelinks

From this we can conclude that Just Eat has a QS of 10/10 on ‘takeaway’ and 7/10 (or less) on the ‘take aways.’ Useful information if you were a competitor looking to bid on the terms ‘takeaway’ and ‘take aways’ if you wanted to out bid them on a term and try and take their position 1 place in the SERP’s.

Big thanks go to Google for this new innovation and even bigger thanks goes to the newest member of the Blackhatters who brought this to our attention – you know who you are! :-)

Brought to you by Black Hat PPC.

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