Google have been busy today! As we reported on earlier, Google have brought in ‘related to’ ad’s on branded keywords (see Google ‘Related to’ Ad’s appearing on Brand terms…we feel another lawsuit against Google coming on!)

However, we have also seen big updates in Google’s Sitelinks today as well. Firstly, they have allowed sitelinks to show on generic keywords for the first time….

Google Sitlelinks on Generics

And they are also trialing sitelinks for ad’s in position 2 for the first time…

Google Sitelinks on P2 Ad's

So why have Google done this?

Well we know that CTR is greatly improved for ad’s in P1 that have sitelinks and by having sitelinks show on generic keywords, there will now be a premium on P1, meaning more aggresive bidding from advertisers = Google makes more money!

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